Shipping policy

As we’ve been gradually learning over the past few years, the fashion industry is one of the largest carbon polluters on the planet and one of the greatest producers of waste, including toxic chemicals that permeate the environment and worker communities.

Slow Fashion was born as a more responsible alternative, one that considers the processes and resources required to make our clothes. It means producing fewer, better items, which are designed to last and have a lower negative impact on people and the planet.  The movement advocates for learning to recognize and value craftsmanship, improving spending habits, and taking better care of our goods to prolong their lifespan.

Wazawazi is a proud slow fashion manufacturer and that’s why we lovingly hand-make every product to order.

We estimate 10-30 business days for production and shipping depending on where we are shipping to.

Shipping is free worldwide for all orders above 100 USD.


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