About Wazawazi

Wazawazi Co. is an Afrocentric lifestyle brand out of Kenya that tells the story of modern day Africa – Africa that speaks the language of art, rich culture, high fashion, and superior craftsmanship.

Leather is our main medium of expression. It is all about functional leather art.

Each collection is designed and created with the intention of making a personal statement. Each art piece is brought to life by a Wazawazi artist who understands the mission: to represent Africa’s essence that is culturally expressive, magnificent, and unapologetic.

Our bags are made using high quality leather from right here in Kenya and are complimented by a range of carefully selected linings and accessories from different parts of the world. West African bone, horn, and brass beads are a popular accessory favourite. We strive to incorporate African-inspired techniques such as the world famous Maasai beading and Ngamiland weaving skills.

Be luxurious. Make your statement. Tell the African story.

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