Wazawazi luxury leather is an ethical luxury leather goods design house based in Nairobi. The idea of the design house Wazawazi was inspired by desire to curate the concept of African luxury matched by a socio-economic need for job creation of the continent.

Wazawazi is telling our African story, and mainstreaming African luxury.

Wazawazi mobilizes untapped creative energies into productive industries, working with, training and employing talented youth to create our luxury bags. Every bag carries with it the story of a progressive African crafting their destiny. It carries the hopes and dream of not only the artisan that creates it and speaks to the rapidly progressive luxury evolution of the expressive African continent. 

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KSh 15,000.00

wazawazi bags

are a celebration of diversity and personal style, having been inspired by Africans out to make a mark in society. They are built to last and make a unique statement.